Sites and Services

IQ Seven
(Co-Founder, 2017)
A lot of websites don’t work very well and don’t deliver the results the business wants or needs. This is a problem for website owners who rely on their website; need to improve their results; don’t know what to do; and can’t afford to pay experts.

IQ Seven is a low-cost, easy-to-use website diagnostic system to identify problems,  issues and growth opportunities for a business website. The system prioritizes these in real-time and shows the website owner exactly what to focus on first to improve their results fast without wasting their time or money on things that don’t matter. You can try out the system at IQ

Concise Digital
Concise Digital is one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies for small to medium-sized businesses. I joined the team as a Director at Concise in July 2019 to assist with the growth of the business after its merger with ecommerce specialists Spring Web Solutions.

Concise Digital is a clever virtual business with clients and team members in Australia and internationally. We have low overheads, and do great work for our clients at low prices.

CA Management Services
(Digital Consultant)
CA Management Services is one of Australia’s leading accountancy software and business consulting practices, working with leading accounting systems such as Triumph, Attache, MYOB, Xero and highly successful medium-size companies.

I assist clients of CA Management with their websites, digital marketing and other online business and digital transformation issues.

Website Planning & Trouble-Shooting
I advise a small number of businesses with independent guidance and advice on website planning, ecommerce and digital transformation.

Smarter Web Strategies
Back in 2010, I started a website called Smarter Web Strategies with info and tools to plan, build and manage more successful business websites and online businesses.

Australian eCommerce Guide
I also founded the Australian eCommerce Guide to provide Aussie business owners with tools and resources, and connect them with specialists and experts in different areas of eCommerce.

Australia Pure Health
(Co-Founder, 2015-2017)  Australia Pure Health Pty Ltd was an Australian ecommerce business selling online and exporting top quality authentic Australian health products to health-conscious customers in Asia.

(Co-Founder, 2016)  X10 Partners is a corporate advisory and investor network providing strategic guidance, commercial expertise and investment funds to help growing businesses.

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