Let’s start with Six Questions…

Q1: Purpose & Values

Why does your business exist?  What is the purpose of your business? What is your vision for the future? What will your business look like when it is done?   What are your values?  What do you stand for? What won’t you stand for?

To fast track your business growth, you need to be very clear on your purpose, vision and values – and then share this with the people who can make it happen… Your team and your customers!  If you’re ready for the fast-track,  here’s what to do.

Q2: Greatness

Do you know what your business can be great at?  Being ‘good’  is important as there’s no place for ‘mediocre’, but if you really want to fast-track your business growth, then find something worthwhile at which you can be great!

When your staff,  customers and competitors talk  about your business, how would you like them to describe what your business is great at?  If you want to be great and you’re ready for the fast-track, here’s what to do.

Q3: Uniqueness

Do you know what makes you and your business unique?  What makes you special in the marketplace? What makes your business different?

To succeed on the fast-track, your business must have a very clear Unique Selling Proposition. Make your USP focused on your customers by defining the Unique Buying Advantages (or UBA) your business provides your customers.  If you want your USP and UBA to fast-track your business growth, here’s what to do.

Q4: Ideal Customers

Who is your target market? You can’t be all things to all people. Fast-growing businesses know their target customers and focus on them! Who would you love as your customers? Who would you prefer not to have as customers? (it’s good to be choosy!)

To fast-track your business, you must know your Ideal Customers. You need to know what they want, need and expect from your business. And you want to be attractive to them.  When they see your website, they need to know they’ve come to the right place.  They need to quickly trust you.  If you want to learn how to quickly do this, here’s what to do.

Q5: Benefits

What key benefits do your Ideal Customers get from dealing with your business?  When they buy your product or service, what are they really getting from you?  Which pains are you reducing?   Which problems are you solving?  What opportunities are you helping your customers to enjoy?  Do your customers enjoy a better life because of you? Do they sleep better at night?

When you know the benefits you bring to your customers, you can easily fast-track your business growth.  To learn how to quickly and effectively promote your benefits with your Ideal Customers, here’s what to do.

Q6: The Essentials

To sustainably fast-track your business growth, there are certain things we must get right!  Do you know ‘The Essentials’ for your business?

What promises does your business make?  What promises are implied? What do your customers assume? What must you deliver?  What are the non-negotiables?

How do you rate your current performance? And how do your customers rate you? For proven strategies and systems to help you make better promises and keep them while you fast-track your business growth, here’s what to do.