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Here is some info on advisory services I provide.  If you want to grow your business, I can probably help you. 

Extra Conversions

Extra Conversions is a new business providing ecommerce merchants with intelligent insights and guidance to rapidly improve customer conversions, sales revenue and bottom-line profits. Not surprisingly, this business is focused on driving ‘extra conversions’.  If you want to know more and be part of the Extra Conversions  beta program in 2017, then please let me know.

Together with two corporate growth advisors,  in April 2016 I co-founded a corporate advisory and investor network called x10 PARTNERS.  This company can provide strategic guidance, commercial expertise and investment funds to help a business grow while de-risking the business for investors with planned pathways to early liquidity.  Visit the  x10.PARTNERS website for more info.

I resigned as a director of x10 Partners in November 2016, and can now focus my attention on successfully commercialising several exciting start-up businesses.

CA Digital
CA Management Services is one of Australia’s leading accountancy software consulting practices, working with leading accounting systems such as Triumph, Attache, MYOB, Xero, Exo, Wage Easy and others. CA also provides business consulting services to its clients, many of whom run highly successful medium size companies. CA Digital is a department within CA Management providing digital business consulting to CA clients and other businesses. As the senior digital consultant at CA Digital, I am available to consult with and advise CA Management clients.

If you have an accounting system that does not talk nicely to your eCommerce website (or vice-versa) then the CA Digital team is a good place to find expert help.

Australia Pure Health
Australia Pure Health Pty Ltd is an Australian ecommerce business selling online and exporting top quality authentic Australian health products to health-conscious customers in Asia.  I am a founding shareholder and director of the company.

Website Planning
If you want independent guidance and advice on website planning and development, then give me a call.  You will need to prepare a good Website Brief, and then find the best web development firm to build your site to meet your requirements, expectations and your budget.  Website projects can easily go off-track when the brief is not clear at the start.

Content Is NOT King
Some people will tell you ‘content is king’. It’s not true. Content is everywhere on the web and most of it is crap. You don’t just want ‘content’. You need Great Content!   Personally, I think Customers are King. And building Great Relationships with them is smart business.

What is Great Content?  Think ‘wisdom’.  Start by focusing on your areas of expertise.  Think of common problems and important issues you help solve for your ideal customers. Think of the high value you can add to your prospective and existing customers with helpful, relevant and timely info you can provide them when they want or need it.

Prepare and package your wisdom so it is easy for your customers to access, digest and use. Share it online, and make it easy for your customers and website visitors to share it too.

Make sure Google knows about your wisdom, and make sure it can be easily found on your website.  Don’t pay SEO snake-oil salesman, but do make sure your website is built properly. Prepare your content for easy human consumption, and prepare your website content for Google’s consumption too.

Stay in touch with customers. Don’t overwhelm customers. Ideally, you want to provide your wise info to them just before they want it.  ‘Just In Time’ is better than ‘Just A Bit Too Late’.

Engage and communicate effectively. Build great relationships with your customers.  Become their Trusted Advisor.  Become their Preferred Supplier.  Are you the Trusted Advisor or the Preferred Supplier for your customers now? If your existing customers want to know something in your field of expertise, will they ask you or will they use Google to search for the answers?  If so, do they find you or your competitors?

Online success does not come simply from producing ‘content’, but it can come from effectively sharing your wisdom for the benefit of your customers.

And on the subject of Kings…   If anyone is going to be treated like royalty, it should be your customers. Great customer service and support has far more chance of driving your online success. Make each customer feel like a King when they deal with you.

Content is not King. Customers are King.

Smarter Web Strategies
Back in 2010, I started a website called Smarter Web It is for business people who want to plan, build and manage more successful business websites and online businesses. Understand the big picture future for your industry,  create your future vision and choose smarter strategies to make it happen. Create the digital roadmap for your business, adopt smarter systems and better practices, avoid nasty traps, and use the best tools along the way.

Australian eCommerce Guide
If you want to sell more in the online world,  learn more about eCommerce. I run the Australian eCommerce Guide, which provides Aussie business owners with tools, resources and connections to specialist service providers who are experts in different areas of eCommerce. The Guide website has an online directory with useful links. And you can also use my info-guides to guide you and your business…

I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you heard is not what I meant.
Robert J. McCloskey