Sites and Services

IQ Seven
(Co-Founder, 2017)   IQ Seven is a new website intelligence service for businesses that want more sales and leads from their website. IQ Seven provides High Impact Actionable Intelligence covering Seven vital Result Areas.

  1. SEO & Visibility to make sure the website is easily found online.
  2. Attraction to attract the right people to the website.
  3. Engagement to quickly engage the right people and build trust, exceed expectations & deliver value.
  4. Conversion Rates as improving conversion points to turn more visitors into customers.
  5. Leads & Sales to generate more enquiries, leads and sales.
  6. Social Sharing to help happy customers build the business’ brand value and goodwill.
  7. Security & Reliability.  Every website needs to be fast, safe and secure, and it has to work. Always.

IQ Seven subscribers receive early warnings of issues and advanced notice of opportunities of high priority, high impact intelligence alert, with accurate, honest and unbiased recommendations of the best actions to take to improve results.  Check out IQ Seven, and if you want to be part of the IQ Seven beta program in 2017, please contact me

CA Digital
(Strategist & Advisor)   CA Management Services is one of Australia’s leading accountancy software and business consulting practices, working with leading accounting systems such as Triumph, Attache, MYOB, Xero and highly successful medium-size companies. CA Digital is a department within CA Management providing digital business consulting to CA clients and other businesses.

Website Planning & Trouble-Shooting
I advise a small number of businesses with independent guidance and advice on website planning, ecommerce and digital transformation.

Smarter Web Strategies
Back in 2010, I started a website called Smarter Web for business people who want to plan, build and manage more successful business websites and online businesses. It has tools and resources to help you understand the big picture future for your industry,  create your future vision and choose smarter strategies to make it happen. Create the digital roadmap for your business, adopt smarter systems and better practices, avoid nasty traps, and use the best tools along the way.  There’s a lot to get right.

Australian eCommerce Guide
If you want to sell more in the online world,  learn more about eCommerce. I run the Australian eCommerce Guide, which provides Aussie business owners with tools, resources and connections to specialist service providers who are experts in different areas of eCommerce. The Guide website has an online directory with useful links to resources, and a range of info-guides to guide you and your business…

Australia Pure Health
(Co-Founder, 2015-2017)  Australia Pure Health Pty Ltd is an Australian ecommerce business selling online and exporting top quality authentic Australian health products to health-conscious customers in Asia.

(Co-Founder, 2016)  X10 Partners is a corporate advisory and investor network providing strategic guidance, commercial expertise and investment funds to help growing businesses.

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